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Stormrouge: Caribbean Women Artists Are Radical AF

Updated: 4 days ago

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stormrouge AKA $TORMY, an upcoming artist of Caribbean decent (interview link below). Her roots are both of Trini and Haitian - American, a powerful lineage of two revolutionary countries and rich cultures, who have historically disrupted and rebelled against colonial rule.

"Stormrouge Interview" https://yale.zoom.us/rec/play/jS4_GfU3MyB_g5WMjBVWa5jmpxPEFy32H34TYwA87lt0fDEIF8wQkMX4hcQUkcICCZ8jOG5nZcyIfr_h.p-G72-HbE9EksqtS

Stormrouge's diverse cultural experiences and familial upbringings - inspires and fuels her music, artistic passion and her identity as a Black-Caribbean American woman. If I had to describe Stormrouge as an artist, I would say that she is the epitome of resistance and fierceness!

Her artistic production intentionally causes wreck towards patriarchal structures, white supremacy, and colorism within the industry, and she does this through her artistic prowess and radical lyrics. She is nothing short of a force to be reckon with; she knows who she is, what she wants, and who she stands for and I deeply admire her for that.

Please follow her on instagram to get know her and follow her music journey & projects.


Check out her latest song "Drama", and vibe out to some fire R&B vibes!


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