A Compare and Contrast of Black Women Artists Across the Diaspora

Currently her work examines how visual representations of Black women artists (from genres such as - Afrobeats and Dancehall) coupled with their lyrics, individual personas, and gender performance demonstrate the complexities and contradictions of Black womanhood, Black female sexuality, and intimacy. Her dream is to contribute to an academic scholarship that focuses on the historical timeline of Black women artists over time and studying their aesthetics, sound, gender performance, sexual expression and fan base as sights of knowledge production and Black intellectual thought.

Her research interests include: Black Feminist Thought, Black Womanhood, Black Queer Studies, Afro-Futurism, Pan-Africanism, Black Radical Imagination, Pleasure Positive, Sound Studies, Utopian Performativity, Minoritarian Performance, Protest-Music, Fan Culture, and Black Cultural Production.